BBC News: ‘Bad’ Brexit could lead to ‘UK’s destruction’ – Carwyn Jones

4 August 2019

Brexit “done badly” could lead to “the UK’s own destruction”, Wales’ former first minister Carwyn Jones has warned.

He said Boris Johnson’s “do or die” approach to Brexit had left him concerned about the break up of the UK “more so than before”.

“The last thing anyone would want to see is a chaotic independence for the countries of the UK,” he said.

On Sunday the Brexit secretary called for the EU to renegotiate or face the UK’s departure without a deal.

Stephen Barclay said a no-deal exit was “coming down the tracks” if the EU’s chief negotiator was not given a mandate to revise the UK’s withdrawal agreement.

Mr Jones said: “I think it would start in Northern Ireland, then Scotland, then what you’ve got left is untenable. What is it then – England and Wales?

“This would all be done in a way that’s not managed but fairly chaotic and that’s of nobody’s interest, whether you support independence or not.”

Mr Jones, who has said independence is not the answer for Wales, has previously warned that the “shambles” in Westminster is driving curiosity in Welsh independence.

His successor as First Minister, Mark Drakeford told AMs in July his support for the union was “unambiguous” and he did not think Welsh voters would support independence.

Plaid Cymru have called for a vote on independence to be held if the UK leaves the EU without a further referendum.

Independence marches have attracted large crowds in Cardiff in May and in Caernarfon last month.

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