BBC News: General election 2019: Ten lesser-known MPs to keep an eye on

15 December

By Mark D’Arcy

Parliament tends to be dominated by its grandest figures, the party leaders, and their cabinet or shadow cabinet teams.

But others can cut a dash in the Commons by weight of expertise, through passion for an issue, by sheer street-smarts, or simply by being in the right place at the right time.

So here are a few MPs who – while not aspiring to the top table – could exert serious leverage in the newly elected House of Commons.

Bim Afolami – Conservatives

Seen as a bit of a star of the 2017 intake, Afolami is on the Commons end of the Constitution Reform Group, a cross-party pressure group which wants to rebalance a constitution destabilised by an uneven devolution settlement.

This is the group behind the Act of Union Bill, a private member’s bill proposed by the former clerk of the Commons, Lord Lisvane. It may all sound high-powered and rather nerdy, but the tug of war between the nations and regions of the UK is set to be a big theme of the new Parliament, and Afolami looks set to be a player.

You can access the full article on the BBC News website here.

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